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Set Your Family Up For A Steady Future

Wills and trusts are excellent tools to use in your estate plan so you can protect your family. By strategically leaving assets in a trust, you can minimize the impact of taxes on your estate. By having a clear document that names your beneficiaries and identifies the assets they should receive, you can make the process after your death much easier for your loved ones.

I can help you use both these tools to your advantage. My name is Maria K. Boyles. I founded Solid Rock Law Firm, PLLC, so I could provide the people of Virginia with solid legal representation in estate planning and real estate law. I will guide you through the steps of creating custom wills and trusts so you can set your family up for a positive future.

Do I Really Need An Attorney To Make A Will?

The internet offers plenty of do-it-yourself options to create a will or other estate planning documents. However, courts often do not uphold these documents. To have a legally sound will that a judge will honor, you need a lawyer like me to assist you in drafting it.

Is A Trust Right For Me?

A common misconception about trusts is that they are only for exceptionally wealthy people. People of all incomes can benefit from trusts. Some of their advantages include:

  • Bypassing probate
  • Avoiding taxes
  • Providing for a loved one who has special needs
  • Providing a long-term income for the beneficiary
  • Preventing someone from squandering assets

Anyone can set up a trust, but you should have the counsel of an attorney who can make sure you set it up properly and who can help you explore every advantage available.

Speak With Me About Using Wills And Trusts To Help Your Family

It can seem like a big step to sit down and create an estate plan, but I can make it less daunting. With me, you will receive friendly service every step of the way. To get in touch with me about scheduling a consultation, please call my office at 703-991-7897 or send me an email.